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Privacy is very important to us and we guess it’s equally important to you.  There is a contact page on this site, where you can write to us if you want. If you contact us, any details you provide will be kept private and used ONLY to contact you about your query, unless a court order is served on us REQUIRING us to provide information to the relevant legal authorities. We do NOT sell, give away or otherwise divulge any information acquired through this site to anyone else. You should note, however, that if you click on an affiliate link from this site, you will be taken to a page outside this site, where you may need to provide your personal details to the seller of any particular product. You should check up on their privacy policy if you have any queries on it.

Terms & Conditions

You may only access this web site and use it if you agree to the terms and conditions.  

You use this web site at your own risk. No liability is accepted for any use you may make of information found on this web site. Please use your common sense and make your own personal assessment of whether any product mentioned on this site is suitable for your own personal use. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to consider your own needs, your personal circumstances, finances and health needs and any other needs and requirements you may have when purchasing or using any product or service.


The owners and operators of this site do NOT provide medical or health related advice or any other kind of advice; nor has any article on this site been looked at by a health professional and no article or link on this site should be taken as providing advice of any kind. No one on this site knows your medical history or anything about how you use medications or other health related products or services, nor can they advise on how you could or should use any product or service, whether health related or any other kind of use. No one on this site has any control over how YOU use any product or service. If you have any health or product-use related queries you should discuss these with your own medical / health or other professional adviser(s) before purchasing, obtaining, or using any product or service. If you have any health related or other types of queries about any of the products or services mentioned on this site, you should contact the particular provider of that service or product. This site and the owners and operators are NOT responsible for how any product or service actually works nor for whether it will meet your needs in your particular case. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). Please use your common sense on this site and any other you may access, whether through this site or by any other means.

Affiliate Links

This site is a review and information providing site. That is, it provides information on subjects you may find useful and reviews products. Please note that some (not all but many) of the links on this site are affiliate links. That means that we get paid money if you buy the product through our link. In many cases, you could, of course find a link to the same product where you do not pay affiliate fees. But if you have found a review or discussion of a product helpful and are deciding to buy it, we hope you will consider purchasing it through our affiliate link.


Almost all the products recommended on these pages have either been purchased and used by us or we have purchased or obtained products from the same person and been happy with them. We only recommend products that we have used ourselves or would be happy to use.

Using the affiliate link does NOT mean you pay more for a product. The seller of any of the products recommended on these pages WANTS people like us to act as salespersons for them. It saves them having to pay advertising costs and also from all the work entailed in doing their own advertising, so they are happy to pay us  (and people like us) an affiliate fee out of the cost of the product, in the same way that a manufacturer pays for advertising costs from their revenue.