Motivation To Write

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The point of writing!

Finding The Motivation To Write

Sometimes, while we really really want to write, it can be difficult to find the motivation to start writing or perhaps to continue, finish and publish. There can be many reasons for that and sometimes we just need a bit of motivation to get us back into writing and publishing regularly. Marleysa has written about this and the feeling you get when you lose motivation. It’s not a good feeling, so below are some ways to get it back or start to develop your motivation. On the other hand, sometimes motivation just seems to suddenly appear as with writinglover who found that signing up to new writing sites was very motivational.

Work out the steps

Having a big goal is great but sometimes it can seem hard to reach. Break down large goals into manageable steps. Get as detailed as you can and just write about one or a few of those steps at a time.

Make it Enjoyable

When you are trying to improve a new skill, such as writing consistently, it is important to try and make it something you enjoy. If you are constantly dreading the new part of your life, you will quickly lose motivation and find ways to give yourself excuses. What do you like most about writing?

See Yourself succeed

Picture yourself succeeding as a writer. It’s no secret that the key to success is being able to visualize yourself achieving your goals. Picture what it would be like to be a successful author. This helps you recharge your motivation and get back that drive to continue on towards reaching the goal of being a successful writer.


Celebrate any victories you achieve. Send yourself a congratulations card, post a message on facebook, tweet on Twitter or even call your few friends and go out for a celebration. This helps you to stay motivated as well as getting others involved in your motivation. Each celebration will motivate you to achieve more.


Keeping Going


To keep yourself motivated to write, try having a friendly competition with a friend or colleague, or a community on line. Most people work harder when in competition with others. The other person can also help you stay on track and avoid lazy days. For extra motivation compete for a prize. You could also try acmowrimo or nanowrimo if you are close to November in any year.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to constantly complain about how hard a particular goal is and to feel negative towards it. And negativity can be one of the big things that can help pull people down and away from their writing. It is also very easy to be hard n ourselves, constantly beating ourselves up for not achieving more or trying to make our writing perfect. Perfectionism can be a big cause of people not doing anything – because it’s never as good as they think it should be. Forget that – it only has to be good enough! Use those baby steps, complete one or two and before you know it, your next article will be published.

Use a Journal to Get Started

Here is a link to a page where a therapist suggests using a journal to explore thoughts and feelings. For a writer, this kind of information and available text is invaluable!

Make Writing a Habit and a Ritual

For many writers, the right place to write is vital! Create your own writing corner, no matter how small, even if it has to be on a tray that you put away at the end of each session.  Allen0187 has a picture of how he would like his writing desk to be. Academic writers also suggest having a desk or table corner or even a shelf in a cupboard that you use as your writing corner. Develop the habit that when you sit down to write that that is ALL you do. You may need to develop a writing ritual, that gets you started into writing. It could be something as simple as arranging your pencils in a particular order or just sharpening them. Others may place a candle or a flower on the desk as a sign that they need to start writing.